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    Roller shades motorized

    Kimball Office XSITE systems furniture

    Kimball Office Priority Case goods

    Kimball Office mesh back Wish Chair

    National Office Furniture Wave Works

Priority Technical Specs

Construction and Materials

  • Work surfaces are 1 3/16" thick, 3-ply balanced construction, which includes a 45-pound density particle board core. All surfaces pass ANSI A208.1- standards.

  • Drawer fronts are 3⁄4" thick, 3-ply construction. 5-sided drawer construction allows easy removal of drawer fronts.

  • Drawer sides and back are 1⁄2" thick and are available in either a wrapped/sealed wood grain vinyl or wood interior drawer option. Bottoms are 3/16" thick.

  • Box drawers are full extension with .017 per cubic inch of interior drawer space weight load rating. File drawer suspensions are full extension with .017 lb. per cubic inch of drawer interior filing space weight load capacity. Lateral file suspensions have .017 lb. per cubic inch of drawer interior filing space weight load rating. (Priority multi-file units have the same weight load rating as lateral files.)

  • All Kimball Office drawer suspensions are tested to double BIFMA standards.

  • Black filing rods are standard in all file drawers to accommodate various filing requirements.

  • Joints are securely fastened with screws, dowels, and concealed fasteners to ensure maximum strength.

  • Fully finished back panel is standard on all undersurface storage components.

  • Priority Wood Construction & Finish

o Exterior surfaces are plain-sliced and slip matched Cherry

or Maple veneer. Veneers are carefully selected and

matched to assure proper balance and consistency.
o Work surfaces are available in wood or laminate (HPL)

surfaces with 1/8” wood rims.
o Rim on wood surfaces are made from Maple wood. o Wood veneer work surfaces are adhered to the core

material with a hot press glue process using environmentally friendly, water based PVA glue. There are no VOC’s used in this process.

o Priority wood finishes feature environmentally friendly Pura® UV, water based top coat.

Priority Laminate Construction & Finish
o Laminate work surfaces and chassis are adhered to the core

material with a hot press glue process, using environmentally friendly, water based PVA glue. There are no VOC’s used in this process.

o Work surfaces are available in laminate with 1/8” PVC rims. o Work surfaces are available in both High Pressure Laminate

(HPL) and Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL) options; drawer/door fronts and chassis are Thermally Fused Laminate (TFL).

o Laminate options include a range of solid, wood grain, and pattern (work surface only) laminates.

Priority Metal Construction (Benching)
o T-legs: 14 gauge powder coated steel 2 3/8”D X 2 3/8”W

columns with an aluminum die-cast base.
o U-legs/U-legs with stanchions: 14 gauge powder coated

o Open frame legs: 14 gauge powder coated steel.
o Undersurface support rails: 12 gauge powder coated steel.
o Power/data sliding drawer: 18 gauge sheet metal tray (Perks)

Product Design and Offering

  • Work surfaces may be scribed to size in the field, providing a custom fit to the office with non-standard dimensions.

  • Work surfaces and overhead storage may be Traxx mounted.

  • Drawer suspensions feature black, progressive action slides with

    precision steel ball bearings to ensure long lasting, quiet, and smooth


  • Locking is standard in all component pedestals and lateral files.

  • Locks are independent, face-mounted, with black finish.

  • Units are randomly keyed as standard. Removable lock cores allow for

easy rekeying at a later date.

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Priority Technical Specs

  • Work surfaces are completely interchangeable; if the application of the work surface needs to be changed, it can be accomplished simply by changing the bracketry. (Except for Knife Rim filler and extension work surfaces).

  • Accessories, such as keyboard drawer, tackboard, center drawers, and adjustable keyboard products are available to add functionality to workspaces.

  • Hinged modesty panels are available to allow access to wall power.

  • Classic Priority casegoods include black leveling glides with 1 1⁄2”


    Storage Specifications

  • Storage towers are configured with either a box/box/file or file/file, with hinged door cabinet above and wardrobe/storage section at either the left or right. Towers contain adjustable hinges, coat rod, and shelf.

  • Single Door Storage/Wardrobe cabinet has adjustable hinges and a coat rod and shelves; can be used as shelf storage or wardrobe (by removing shelves).

  • Double Door Storage/wardrobe cabinet has adjustable hinges and a coat rod with one shelf on the right and two adjustable and two fixed shelves on the left.

  • Storage/lateral file drawer units have double doors with adjustable hinges and one adjustable and one fixed shelf; unit sits above two locking lateral file drawers.

  • Overhead storage with open shelf has an adjustable upper shelf and three storage compartments.

  • Overhead storage with doors has two or four doors. Traxx mount has 3⁄4" high back panel; wall-mount has a full height back panel.

  • Doors for storage products have a 110 degree swing.

  • Highbacks are secured to the horizontal surface with double stick tape.

  • Highbacks have task light soffit to conceal task light from view.

• Glides are 1 1⁄2” for the storage units with a 1” adjustment o Bookcases (Freestanding)

  •   Availablein1,23and4shelfoptions

  •   3⁄4”thickshelves

  •   Arc shelves extend 3” beyond end panels

  •   Unfinishedbackwithfullyfinishedtopandflatedge

    (no rim profile)

o Lateral Files (Freestanding)


o o o

Progressive work surface
undersurface support rails
U-legs, open legs, end panels, and/or undersurface

  •   Available in 2 and 4 drawers with Softened PVC rim (laminate) and Softened, Reed and Knife rim options (Wood or Laminate with wood rim)

  •   Locking

  •   InterlockMechanism

  •   FinishedTop

  •   Finishedbackon2drawer,unfinishedbackon4


  •   Blackfilinghardwareincludedtoaccommodate

    front to back (legal, letter, and EDP) and side to side (Letter on 16” depth units and Legal and letter on 24” depth units)

Benching solutions created by selecting:


  • Up-mount shelves and storage connect to U-legs with stanchions using

    an up-mount overhead shelf bracket.

  • U-legs are used to create benching tables. Available in fixed and

    adjustable height models. 3⁄4” leveling glide adjustment.

  • Adjustable height legs are intended for use with Kimball Office tops


  • Undersurface support rails provide strength for the work surface,

connecting between support models.

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Priority Technical Specs

  • Work surfaces are available in 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, and 60” widths. 24” or 30”D work surfaces are used for dual side benching with stanchions; 36”, 48”, and 60”D models provide a continuous surface for U-legs without stanchions.

  • Overhead storage is available in 36”-72” widths in sliding door and hinged door units.

  • Tiles mount to stanchions to provide privacy above the work surface.

  • Shared mid-support U-leg supports the ends of two adjoining work

    surfaces. Available with our without stanchions.

  • Privacy screens may be mounted to top or edge or a surface, Brackets

    for freestanding screen applications are also available.

  • End support U-leg without stanchions provides support at the end of a

    run of surfaces. Available with or without stanchions.

  • Returns are created with 24”, 30”, and 36”D work surfaces,

    undersurface support rails, return mounting brackets, flat brackets, and


  • Privacy screens may be specified at the same height or width for

    consistent aesthetics or at different heights for function.

  • There is no length limitation as to the number of tables that can be

    linked. There is no dimensional creep.

    Height-Adjustable Solution

  • Height-adjustable tables can be created by selecting progressive worksurfaces and a height-adjustable base.

  • Height adjustable T-Leg bases consist of T-legs and a set of undersurface support rails that run underneath the center of the worksurface. Bases ship ready to assemble. T-legs feature powder coated steel 2”D X 2”W upper column, a 2 3/8” X 2 3/8” lower column, and a die-cast aluminum base (foot).

  • Glides provide 15/16” of adjustment.

  • Table bases are available in stand-alone models, returns, and

    extension post leg in both manual adjust and electric adjust.

  • 5 different adjustment options. (3 manual and 2 electric)

  • Manual adjust bases are either incremental (22 3/16”- 35 3/16” height

    range), click (23 11/16”-35 1⁄2” height range) or crank (28”- 45 11/16” height range).

o Incremental-adjust models can be adjusted manually in 1” increments using a 5mm Allen wrench.

o Click-adjust models feature an adjustment mechanism on each leg that works like a ratchet. Pull upward on the handle to extend the height of the leg; to lower the table, depress the release handle and lift slightly.

o Crank-adjust models feature an adjustment handle located on the right side of the base.

Electric adjust bases are either single-stage (27 7/16”- 46 5/16” height range) or dual-stage (22 1⁄4”- 48 1⁄4” height range).

o Single-stage electric model features a two-column leg that compresses inside itself when in the lower positions.
o Dual-stage electric model features a three-column leg that compresses inside itself when in the lower positions.

o Programmable switch option allows the user to pre-set up to four different table heights

o Digital indicator shows the overall height of the table
o 2 stage or 3 stage leg is the same paint color when in full

extension (many have only black extensions)

  • Locking casters can be specified or added later to adjustable height


  • Optional cable management on the leg


  • Assembled double, single, and extended single pedestal desks have two approach-side hinged doors that access the cable-routing compartment. Cords enter the compartment from the worksurface grommet and can exit through the opening at the bottom of the unit to a floor or wall power source. An optional power convenience outlet can be installed inside the compartment. A panel separates box and file drawers from this compartment.

  • Assembled desks have half-round cord openings for routing cords and cables into and out of pedestals below worksurface.

  • All assembled returns, credenzas, and 24” deep modular undersurface pedestals and storage have a black grommet at the bottom back of the end panel to allow cords to enter or exit the unit to a floor or wall power source.

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Priority Technical Specs

  • Matte Black plastic grommets as well as Designer White Metal, Platinum Metallic Metal, or Carbon Metallic Metal grommets may be specified for factory installation in modular worksurfaces and all assembled desks and credenzas.

  • Optional grommet kits are available for field installation; a variety of worksurface and undersurface electrical/communications options provide power to the user.

  • An optional undersurface wire manager helps manage cords and cables beneath the worksurface.

  • A hinged modesty panel is standard on bridges, returns, kneespace, and single pedestal credenzas, and for the modular modesty. It swings inward to allow access to wall outlets and can be mounted in two positions: flush and recessed. Flush position will visually line up with the adjoining side panels and recessed position can be used when the unit will set against the wall. The recessed position insets the modesty from the top of unit and creates an area to store wires.

  • CPU/Printer storage unit is available to manage equipment.


Semi-Open pore finish with 70 degree satin sheen. Pura UV finish.

Sustainability & Indoor Air Quality

  • All Priority wood products feature Pura®, our environmentally friendly UV, water-based, top coat.

  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood is available on selected products.

  • Priority wood is indoor air quality GOLD certified by the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage program.

  • Priority laminate is indoor air quality GOLD certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage program.

  • Priority wood and laminate are BIFMA LevelTM3 certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS).

  • Priority tables are BIFMA Level 2 certified. BIFMA Level 3 certified with FSC wood option.


  • All Priority Product meets or exceeds applicable BIFMA standards.

  • ANSI/BIFMA - X5.9 Storage Products Test Standard.

  • ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 Desk/Table Products Test Standard.


Limited lifetime warranty.

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Wish Technical Specs

Wish Construction

  •   The base and wishbone back frame are made of recyclable glass filled nylon or polished aluminum to ensure strength and rigidity.

  •   The inner back panel and lumbar support are recyclable polypropylene, designed with a reinforcing system of ribs to ensure rigidity.

  •   Inner seat panel is molded plywood, to provide strength and stability.

  •   Inner seat foam is molded foam to provide comfort, strength, and longevity.

  •   All Wish plastic and aluminum components are fully recyclable

    Wish Recline

  •   The Wish synchro-tilt mechanism provides fully synchronized seat- to-back movement with a 2:1 ratio.

  •   Minimal rise at the front edge of the seat through recline helps to ease pressure in the popliteal area just behind the knee, promoting better circulation and long-term comfort.

  •   Intuitive single-lever recline lock adjustment accommodates a broad range of positions.

  •   Intuitive single-lever tension adjustment accommodates a wide range of weights.

    Wish Backrest

  •   The lumbar support, included as standard on all models, moves up or down within a 3.0” range – mesh backs and 2.5” – range uph’d backs to ensure proper ergonomic support and comfort.

  •   The uph’d back cushion is constructed of 1 3/4” CFC free molded foam to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue.

  •   Polyester mesh back to enhance comfort and provide ergonomic support

  •   Wish upholstery methods accommodate a wide variety of fabrics, vinyl’s, and leather.

  •   Backrest width is 19 1/2”

MIN Backrest Angle From Horizontal Mesh Back
MAX Backrest Angle from Horizontal
Mesh Back
Range of Backrest Angle from Horizontal Movement
Mesh Back MIN Backrest Angle from Horizontal – Uph’d back
MAX Backrest Angle from Horizontal
– Uph’d back
Range of Backrest Angle from Horizontal Movement
– Uph’d back MIN Backrest to Seat Angle Mesh back
MAX Backrest to Seat Angle
Mesh back
Range of Backrest to Seat Angle Movement
Mesh back
MIN Backrest to Seat Angle
– Uph’d back
MAX Backrest to Seat Angle
– Uph’d back
Range of Backrest to Seat Angle Movement
– Uph’d back
Initial Seat Angle
Mesh back
Reclined Seat Angle
Mesh Back
Seat Pan Tilt Range
Mesh back
Initial Seat Angle
– Uph’d back
Reclined Seat Angle
– Uph’d back
Seat Pan Tilt Range
– Uph’d back

Wish Seat

95.0 Degrees 124.0 Degrees 29.0 Degrees 100.0 Degrees 129.0 Degrees 29.0 Degrees 94.0 Degrees 112.0 Degrees 18.0 Degrees 99.0 Degrees 117.0 Degrees 18.0 Degrees 1.0 Degrees 12.0 Degrees 11.0 Degrees 2.0 Degrees 13.0 Degrees 11.0 Degrees

Pneumatic seat-height can be adjusted within a range of 6 1⁄4” from 151⁄4” to 21 1⁄2” on the non-seat slider version, or 15 3⁄4” to 22” on the seat slider version.

Pneumatic seat-height can be adjusted within a range of 9 1⁄4” from 18 7/8” to 28 1/8” on Wish’s sit-to-stand (seat slider not available).

• Seat slider models accommodate 6 positions within a 2 1⁄2” range and allow users to adjust seat depth to match their physical requirements with a single intuitive lever.

• Seat cushion is constructed of 2 1⁄2” molded foam to enhance comfort, reduce fatigue, and provide proper body support. All seat foam used on Wish is CFC free.

Seat has a waterfall front to further ease pressure in the popliteal area just behind the knee, promoting better circulation and long-term comfort.

Wish upholstery methods accommodate a wide variety of fabrics and leathers.

Seat pan angle ranges from 1-13 degrees dependent on weight applied

to the seat pan

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Wish Technical Specs

Wish Arm

  • Wish is available with adjustable height arms, height and width adjustable arms (2d), height, width, and adjustable arm caps arms (4d), conference arms, conference arms with PU insert, or without arms. 4d arm cap adjusts in six directions; left and right; forward and backward; and inward or outward pivot.

    • Width Adjustment on 2d – Range: 3 5/8”

    • Width Adjustment on 4d Number of Positions: 5; Range: 5


  • Depth Adjustment – Number of positions: 5; Range 3”

  • Pivot Adjustment Number of positions: 5; Degree of Pivot (each

    direction) 26 degrees.

  • Arm pivot distance - arm caps pivoted inward=12 1⁄2” – arm caps are

    pivoted outward=14 1/2”

  • Height adjustable arms are height-adjustable into one of five positions

    with a 4 5/8” range.

  • 2d/4d arms are height-adjustable into one of five positions with a 5 1⁄2”


    Base and Casters

  • The surface of the base is textured for scuff resistance.

  • Hard dual wheel casters are offered as standard.

  • Soft dual wheel casters for use on hard floors are optional.

    Wish Task Chairs meet 400lb and 24/7

  • All Wish Task chairs and stools are rated to seat individuals weighing up to 400 pounds and endure longer testing cycles than standard BIFMA, which simulates more than an eight hour shift.

  • All Wish Task chairs and stools are warranted to 3 shifts (24/7)

Wish Stool

  • The stool seat height can be adjusted from 21” to 30 1⁄4” for a total range of 9 1⁄4”.

  • The stool foot ring is infinitely height adjustable from 9 3⁄4” to 14 3⁄4” for a total range of 5”. This feature is designed to provide appropriate leg support.

  • Wish stools are available with all Wish arm solutions


  • Wish is Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold Certified.

  • BIFMA Level 2 Certified.


  • Wish meets all applicable BIFMA/ANSI standards.

  • Wish is rated for up to 400 lb users and warranted for 3 shift usage.

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Wish Technical Specs

Xsite® System Technical Specs

General Overview

  • Xsite frame and tile system offers an innovative approach to the open plan. Off-modular placement of components helps optimize space utilization. System integrates well with our footprint product line as well as other case good lines such as Definition and Priority.

  • Xsite panels are 3 1⁄4” thick.

  • Xsite Tiles are available in tackable acoustic, glass, wood, laminate,

    paint, metal (perforated and embossed), storage, fold-down, marker board, slat, power/data, technology, and pass-thru tiles.

  • Xsite offers 8 foot wide tiles and nearly seamless tile integration to allow for various visuals. Flexibility from one panel side to the other, including segmented on one side and monolithic on the other, allows for creating different appearances. Color used for fabric comes from the same dye lot.

  • Tiles are field replaceable and can be easily removed without the use of tools.

  • Xsite Traxx allow for tile placement anywhere horizontally along the frame and allow for components to be mounted 100% off-module to accommodate specific user needs. Traxx has a positive integral locking device to secure components. Traxx and traxx brackets support worksurfaces and allow for removal of surfaces without tearing down panel run.

  • Xsite Traxx is available in lengths up to 12 feet.


Fabric tiles have a fiberglass core with an NRC of 0.70 in accordance with ASTM C423-09 and ASTM E795-05. STC is 13 in accordance with ASTM E90-09 and ASTM E413-10. The tests are conducted on the entire assembled panel, full face area, which includes the complete core, adhesive, decorative fabric, frame, raceway, and joining components.


Welded frames are the backbone of the Xsite system. They provide structural rigidity to the system. No need for counterbalancing as the system construction insures structural integrity.

Frames are available in 3 options: Base-wireway frames, Open-base frames, and To-the-floor frames.

Steel frames are painted black on base-wireway and to-the-floor frames and available in a variety of paint colors on open-base frames.

Frames are welded steel verticals are 16-gauge, horizontals are 14- gauge.

• Overall frames are 3 1⁄4” thick, and divided into equal segments of approximately 12 1⁄2” for maximum standardization of tile applications, except for the 3.5H frame.

Overall panel heights including Flat top cap, frame and glides are: 2H (29 3/4”), 3H (42 3/8”), 3.5H (49 9/32”), 4H (54 29/32”), and 5H (67 17/32”); with 5H base frame and stacking frames—6H (80 3/16”) and 7H (92 3⁄4”).

Overall panel heights including Curved top cap, frame and glides are: 2H (30”), 3H (42 19/32”), 3.5H (49 17/32”), 4H (55 7/32”), and 5H (67 13/16”); with 5H base frame and stacking frames—6H (80 3/8”) and 7H (93”).

Mid-frame supports span across the frame opening and are standard at the 2-high position to provide support for worksurfaces. On 5-high frames, mid-frame supports are also standard at the 4-high position to provide support for overhead storage. When an overhead is used on a 3.5H or 4H frame, either the mid-frame support has to be relocated, or an additional one ordered.

• Frames are available in widths of 18”, 24”, 30” 36”, 42”, and 48”. A 3” Extender is available for 3” dimensioning and is comprised of two 1 1⁄2”, 16-gauge frame verticals attached together.

Frames are connected with alignment bolts.

Frame is horizontally compatible with a Traxx attachment rail at both 68” and worksurface height.

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Xsite® System Technical Specs

  • Frames may be connected off-module.

  • System has leveling glides to allow adjustability to uneven floors.

  • Glides adjust height is 2.5”

  • System can be moved as a complete unit without disassembly.

  • System can be installed without harming a finished floor.

  • Dedicated connectors are finished aluminum extrusions that do not

    require additional trim or brackets. They are available for both 90

    degree and 120 degree applications.

  • System is available with connectors that have options of T, L, X, V,

    Straight, and high/low.

    Stacking Frames

  • Stacking frames may be added to 2-high, 3-high, 4-high, or 5-high base frames to increase the height of the panel.

  • Stacking Frames are available as 1H (12 5⁄8”) or 2H (251⁄4”) segments. They cannot be used on 3.5H frame.

  • One 1-high or 2-high stacking frame may be added on top of a base frame (except 3.5-high) up to a max. of 93 1/4” including the top cap.

  • Stacking frames are loadbearing when same-height return runs are used at each end.


  • Tackable acoustical, to-the-floor tackable acoustical, wood, laminate, and painted tiles are available in a variety of widths and heights

  • Tile heights can be mixed on a panel run to create a segmented, vertical monolithic, or horizontal monolithic look.

  • Tiles are installed side-by-side with no panel reveals to create a virtually seamless appearance.

  • Xsite traxx provides support for Xsite tiles, holding tiles in place at the top and bottom.

  • Xsite traxx extends beyond the face of the tile by 1/16”

  • Xsite tiles are available in widths ranging from 3” to 96” and in heights

    from one-high to five-high.

Xsite tiles come in equal segments (nominal 12 5/8” increments).
1H, 2H and 3H tackable acoustical, wood, laminate, and paint tiles are

available in 3” or 6” increments up to 96” wide. 4H and 5H tiles are

available in 3” or 6” increments up to 48” wide.
Tiles for use with the 3.5H frames are available in tackable acoustic,

glass, wood, laminate, paint, metal (perforated and embossed), marker board, and slat, the 0.5H tile can be used in the top position above a standard 1H tile above the worksurface or above a standard 3H tile. The 1.5H tile is for use above the worksurface or above a 2H tile. The 3.5H tile is for use to achieve a monolithic look on a 3.5H frame. Storage, fold-down, power/data, and pass-thru tiles are not available in the 0.5H, 1.5H, or 3.5H sizes.

All fabrics are factory applied in railroad (horizontal) fashion to all fabric tiles as standard application.

Tackable Acoustical, Wood, Laminate, and Painted Tiles

Tackable acoustical tiles are constructed of fiberglass and covered in fabric. They can be field scribed if necessary. Fabric is applied railroad style.

• Wood, laminate and painted tiles are constructed of a 7/16” wood composite core and covered with premium-grade wood veneer or laminate, or painted.

Wood, laminate and painted tiles are very durable and are recommended for use under a worksurface, in lower positions in corridors or beside marker tiles. They can also be used to provide visual interest when creating a segmented look.

Woodgrain direction runs vertical on wood and woodgrain laminate tiles.

Wood tiles are natural (not man-made) veneer. Species available are Maple, Walnut and Cherry in all Kimball Office standard environmentally friendly PURA UV wood finishes.

Laminate tiles are available in selection of Kimball Office standard laminates, both solid and patterned.

Paint tiles are available in all Kimball Office standard non-metallic paints.

• Power and Data can be routed vertically in the panel’s interior behind tackable acoustical, wood, laminate and painted tiles

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Xsite® System Technical Specs

Glass and Pass-Thru Tiles

  • Glass tiles have an extruded aluminum frame (painted or covered with premium grade veneer) with 3mm-thick (clear or frosted) or 4mm thick (linear vertical) tempered glass. Glass tiles are available in clear, frosted, and linear-vertical pattern. Glass tiles cannot be field scribed.

  • Glass tiles consist of two tile frames (one for each side of the frame) with a single pane of tempered glass between them. Only one glass tile is needed to complete both sides of the frame.

  • Pass-thru tiles provide access from station to station. They consist of two tile frames (one for each side of the structure) and a rubber gasket. Only one pass-thru tile is needed to complete both sides of the frame.

  • Frames on glass tiles and pass-thru tiles are 2 1⁄2”W.

    Metal Tiles

  • Metal tiles are available in perforated and embossed models in all Kimball Office standard and metallic paints and constructed of 18 gauge steel.

  • Perforated metal tiles, when used on both sides of a frame, increase ventilation below the worksurface or behind computer equipment. If perforated tiles are used on both sides of a run, it is recommended that they be the same size.

  • Metal tiles are washable, durable, and magnetic.

  • Pattern of perforated or embossed tiles is consistently spaced on


  • Perforation hole size: 3⁄16” (5 mm)

  • Embossed circle size: 3⁄8” (10 mm)

    Markerboard Tiles and Slat Tiles

  • Marker boards are available in variety of tile widths and heights to provide a larger writing surface for meeting spaces and smaller surfaces for private workspaces.

  • Marker Board Tiles Core: standard 7/16” wood composite

  • Erasable markerboard surface: 409M Icey White or 483M Off White.

    Vertical edges: black PVC

  • Expo or Expo2 dry erase markers are recommended for use on markerboards. Low-odor dry erase markers are not recommended, as they may leave undesirable results when erased.

  • Slat tiles allow work tools to be placed in appropriate areas to accommodate individual user needs. They accommodate all Kimball Office metal work tools. Monitor arms can be used on 18”, 24”, and 30”W 1-high and 2-high slat tiles. 2-high tiles require an additional mid- frame support, specified separately. Only one monitor arm per slat tile can be accommodated.

  • Slat tiles are constructed of painted extruded aluminum and are 3⁄4”H. Space between slats is 1⁄2”. Trim channel is 1⁄4”

  • Trim channel on slat tiles prevents tools from spanning across two slat tiles. Tools can hang within 1⁄4” of edge of the tile. Trim can be removed to allow tools to span across two slat tiles.

    Storage and Fold-Down Tiles

  • Storage and fold-down tiles maximize space by using the interior of the structure. Both are constructed of painted 18 gauge steel

  • Storage tiles accept a variety of accessories to accommodate the user’s individual work requirements. Storage tile accessories, including web kits, fold-down accessory kits, CD holders, file pockets, and binder shelves, are specified separately.

  • Fold-down tile features a one-piece door that can be opened to provide a surface for impromptu meetings.

    Frames and Tiles Flammability

  • Components meet requirements for flame spread and smoke development as specified by NFPA 101.

  • Panel flame spread does not exceed 75 for Class B and panel smoke development does not exceed 450 for Class A, B and C.

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Xsite® System Technical Specs

  • Flammability Testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM E84, UL 723, and NFPA 255 on the entire assembled panel and each different combination of fabric and interior construction. Fabric also meets requirements of NFPA 265.

  • UL Class A (fiberglass tile) fire rating for tackable acoustical tiles; UL Class B for laminate tiles; UL Class C for wood and painted tiles.


  • Xsite electrical system is UL 1286 listed.

  • Two electrical options are available:

    •   10-wire shared neutral consisting of six hot wires, two 10-gauge neutral wires and two ground.

    •   10-wire independent neutral consisting of 4 hot wires, four 12-gauge neutral wires, one ground and one isolated ground

    •   2 +2, 8 wire, 4 circuit; 3 + 1, 8 wire; 4 circuit, 3 separate neutrals, 8 wire, 3 circuit.

  • The shared neutral and the independent neutral options cannot be combined.

  • Duplex outlets are available in a back to back configuration.

  • Power and data can enter the system from the ceiling via power poles

    through the top of the frame; or from the wall or floor at the base.

  • Components are available for Chicago and New York hardwiring


  • Power components are color-coded and keyed for safety.

  • Frames allow for electrical distribution assembly installation into bottom

    channel, with expandable jumpers to accommodate panel to panel or

    through connectors to connect distribution assemblies.

  • Wireway covers correspond to the frame width and attach along the

    bottom or at mid-height to conceal electrical distribution.

  • Wireway covers are available in 3 options:

    With no power or data access.
    With power access providing two receptacle locations.
    With power and data access providing two receptacle locations and one data port location.

  • Wireway covers with power access include self-storing access grommets for receptacle locations.

  • Base power feeds are available.

  • Beltline power may be added if the panels are specified for beltline

    power when manufactured.

  • Beltline configurations allow for both duplex receptacle and data port


  • Electrical system utilizes 20 amp circuits and 15 amp receptacles to

    prevent circuit overload in accordance with commercial grade NEMA 5- 15R. This conforms to
    NEMA WD 1 and NEMA WD 6.

  • Note: All 10 wire electrical systems are rated for 20 AMP service. To support the usage, 15 AMP convenience receptacles can be placed anywhere along the leg of the electrical connection. In the event that an appliance, such as larger printer/copier/plotter needs to have a 20 AMP receptacle, it is recommended to use a dedicated circuit with a 20 AMP receptacle. Using the 15 AMP convenience receptacles aids in ensuring that no one leg of the system can pull too much current, which could potentially cause the system to trip out and loose power across the entire system.

  • Task lights are UL approved and meet requirements of NFPA 70.

    Power/Data Tiles

    Power/Data Tiles are constructed of 16 gauge painted steel. Trim/Cover plates are

    black plastic
    Power/Data Tiles provide access to power and data at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th

    or 5th segments They utilize the same wiring configuration as is used in the base wireway, either 10-wire shared neutral or 10-wire independent neutral.

    Power/Data Tiles have four cut-outs to accommodate four duplex receptacles and/or data ports. Flexible material on both ends allows excess cables to be stored inside the frame interior. Not accessible when in-line with a frame vertical.

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Xsite® System Technical Specs

Technology Tiles

  • Technology Tiles provide power and data at the 2nd,,3rd,,4th or 5th segments for access below the worksurface, at worksurface height, at standing height, or at the overhead position. Technology tiles utilize an 8-wire electrical system

  • Technology Tiles are constructed of formed steel and paint and have three header options; tackable fabric, slat, or markerboard

  • Technology Tiles available in 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48” widths. Two to six cut outs, depending on the width of the tile, are provided in each tile to accommodate duplex receptacles and/or data ports.

  • Technology tiles without cut outs are available for use with pass-thru jumpers for a seamless look.


  • Wireways and interfaces to the wireways accommodate the bend radius for Category 6 communication wiring.

  • Lay in cable routing is available at the top and base of the panel providing power, data and/or communication wiring capabilities. Over 40 .25” diameter cables at 40% fill can be accommodated when utilizing the entire panel frame and base.

  • Internal cable may be routed to beltline or base cavity by routing between tiles. Up to 30 .25” diameter cables may be routed in this cavity.

  • The open frame design facilitates managing cabling throughout the system behind the tiles.

  • Metal separation for electrical and data may be accomplished with two power poles.


  • Panel top caps and vertical end trims have a curved or flat profile.

  • Curved profile panel top caps are available in painted steel or wood

    veneer wrapped steel, and are available in up to 8’ lengths.

  • Flat profile panel top caps are available in painted aluminum, or wood

    veneer wrapped aluminum, and are available in up to 8’ lengths.

  • Painted panel top caps are available in all Kimball Office paint options.

    Wood veneer panel top caps are available in Kimball Office standard wood finishes.

  • Top caps fit securely onto frames using a pressure fit attachment method.

  • End trims are screwed to frames for a secure fit.

  • Vertical end trim is solid poplar wood for paint finishes and solid hard

    maple for wood finishes.

  • Wireway covers are 18-gauge steel and available in all Kimball Office

    standard paint options.

    Frameless Glass

  • Frameless glass adds height to panel for separation but keeps the look open.

  • Frameless glass is clear, 3/8” tempered glass with flat polished edges and sits 9/16” above top cap.

  • Top caps for use with frameless glass are specified separately. Top cap models include:
    Flat profile top cap with pre-drilled holes
    Choice of extruded aluminum rail or two aluminum brackets with set

    One continuous gasket for rail model; four clear gaskets for bracket

    model Attachment bolts

  • Glass pane is centered between the two brackets or rail. Pane is held in place with clear gaskets and set screws in the bracket and by a continuous gasket in the rail

  • Top cap for use with frameless glass features pre-drilled holes, which allow the

    brackets or rail to be securely bolted to the panel frame in the field and

    facilitates correct placement.

  • Frameless glass is not load-bearing and cannot be field scribed

  • Width of frameless glass pane must be the same width as the top cap

    Sliding Privacy Door

  • Sliding privacy doors provide a visual signal for heads down and uninterrupted work. Privacy doors are lightweight and do not have a threshold or header for a sleek design. They are not intended for use as a security door. Locking model option is available.

  • Frame: painted aluminum. Insert: reeded polycarbonate. Roller wheels: medium-hard durometer. Top guide: painted steel. Bottom guide: painted steel

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Xsite® System Technical Specs

  • Five heights are available: 3.5-high, 4-high, 5-high, 6-high, and 7-high to correspond to Xsite frame heights.

  • Two widths are available: 36”W and 42”W. Actual door width is 6” wider so that when closed, the door overhangs the host frame to which it is attached. Both widths meet ADA requirements for 5 lb. pull force to open and 32” minimum clearance.

  • Doors are specified to open left or right. The host frame to which the sliding privacy door’s top guide is attached determines handedness.

  • ADA-compliant door handle is available for field installation; specified separately.

    Hinged Doors

  • Honeycomb core overlaid with veneered 5/16” MDF (paint or wood finish)

  • Hinged doors available in 36”W and 42”W models; both are available with a right or left hinge.

  • Actual door width for 36”W is 32 9/16”; 42”W door is 38 9/16”. 42”W doors are ADA compliant.

  • Hinged door units are designed as 7-high to accommodate the 6-high door with a 1-high tile above it

  • Overall height is 92 1⁄2”. Actual door height is appr 80”.

  • Door assembly includes: attachment hardware, door stop and

    preassembled frame, door frame consisting of rubber bumpers; threshold, and mid-header, Top header and two piece vertical door jamb

  • Door frame in painted aluminum, Levers/Locks in satin chrome, Threshold in black anodized aluminum

  • Locking lever is available and is suitable for ADA guidelines.

    Privacy Panels

  • Privacy panels provide a non-latching, pivoting panel solution for added privacy in workstation environments.

  • Panels are 5 –High and available in 36” and 42” widths and in 3 designs: fabric on both sides, Fabric/marker board combination, or translucent

Fabric and fabric/marker board combination panels have an extruded aluminum frame. Interior is fiberglass over a honeycomb panel.

Translucent panels feature a ribbed pattern to provide privacy, yet allow light to pass through. Frame is extruded aluminum.

Single caster allows panel to pivot open or closed.
Panel frame available in 462 cinder paint or 501 Platinum Metallic

paint. Marker board is 488M frosty white.


  • All Xsite wood products feature Pura, our environmentally friendly UV, water-based,

    top coat.

  • Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood is available on Xsite

    as an option.

  • Xsite is Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage GOLD


  • ANSI/BIFMA X7.1-2007 Formaldehyde and TVOC Emissions of Low-

    Emitting Office Furniture Systems and Seating testing.

  • BIFMA Level 2 Certified.


Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Meets or exceeds BIFMA testing (ANSI/BIFMA-X5.6-2010 Panel Systems Tests
    Test Standard)

  • UL 1286 listed (document available upon request)

  • UL183 Manufactured Wiring Systems is included in UL 1286

  • UL723 Test for Surface Burning Characteristics is included in UL 1286

  • NEC (NFPA 255 & NFPA 70) are included in UL 1286

  • ASTM E 84 Standard Test Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics

is included in UL 1286

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